• Jathere (ਜਠੇਰੇ) is the place of grave mound of the common ancestor and still worshipped even today by Jats.

    Mr. H.A. Rose writes that among the Hindu and Sikh Jats, especially in the north- central and central Districts, a form of ancestor-worship, called jathera, is common. It is the custom of many clans, or of a group of villages of one clan, for the bridegroom at his wedding (biāh or shādi) to proceed to a spot set aside to commemorate some ancestor who was either a shahid (martyr) or a man of some note. This spot is marked by a mound of earth, or it may be a pakka shrine. The bridegroom bows his head to the spot and walks round it, after which offerings are made both to the Brahman and the Lāgi. If the mound is of earth, he throws a handful of earth upon it. The name given to the jathera may be, and generally is, that of an ancestor who was influential, the founder of the tribe, or who was a shahid.

    Jathere of Sandhu cast are located in village Ashahoor of Phillaur Tehsil in Jalandhar District of Punjab State, India. It is located 51 KM towards South from District head quarters Jalandhar. 8 KM from Phillaur. 109 KM from State capital Chandigarh. The Coordinates of village Ashahoor are : 31.0255583°N 75.8581656°E

Sandhu Gotra Jathere are at Ashahoor, Tehsil Phillaur, District Jalandhar (Punjab-India)